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NCLEX 2020. Passed at 60q, my advice for studying

by Nursewa Nursewa (New) New Nurse

Hi everyone,

This is my first post. I read a lot of posts here before my NCLEX and wanted to give advice.

~I studied UWorld mostly. So I graduated Jun 24th, thats when I started studying. I took my NCLEX in early August 3rd. So it seems like a good amount of time to study but I know I messed around a lot. Regardless I nearly finished UWorld, leaving behind some Peds and 200 med questions in regards to OB. I would do about 3-4 hrs a day. Skip a couple of days and so on. 2 weeks before NCLEX I really bucked down to about 8 hours a day. looking back it feels like I overstudied... Maybe I feel that way though because I understood the topics in NCLEX. I was surprised on how much fundamental/superficial questions there were. Even med questions, if you didn't know what the med was you can eliminate options based on common sense. UWorld I felt really prepared me for that. So did Tootrn on Youtube with priority questions.

I studied meds and priority intensely 3 days before (mind you I had studied them throughout those 2 weeks). NCLEX I felt was designed to help you pass. Again think fundamental... What did you do in clinicals? How can you keep patients safe? Safety is a must know.

I know Mark K was huge... and I did listen to all his lectures. I did enjoy his DM, safety/infection precautions, and what to expect from X withdrawal or overdose. His antibiotic lectures were also good and cardiac meds. Either way UWorld goes into this! Mark has great little tricks to memorize.

I also did Kaplan CAT exams. I thought these were harder than NCLEX. I also found UWorld harder than NCLEX because its so specific I feel like a lot of time may have been wasted....

At the end I think its best to go all out and study as much and as hard as you can. Mark does have great advice, youre going to be tested on info everyone needs to know. So thats why I feel like I studied too much, because I dove in too deep. Although I don't regret it because I'm so happy I passed.

I did the PVT and got the good pop up too.

It helps to have a good study area, like a clean desk, a candle, your coffee, your water so there are minimal distractions. Study for one hour and get a 30min break... ETC

I went old school and did notecards of meds based on a body subject. My weakness was OB. I studied it for 2 days and decided that was enough. Luckly I didn't get heavy OB questions or Peds... but you have to know the basics and what could kill a fetus or mother.

I hope this helped a bit. This is the link that was given to me for Mark lectures. It does weird pop ups like twice I just exit it out and try the link again and eventually goes to his lecture haha so go figure. I studied meds with simple nursing on Youtube also! he has great explanations.

Good luck everyone! Rooting for you!


Thank you for the links, and good luck in your new job!

Love Michelle

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Hi all, I need help with my NCLEX. I'm so scared! You can email me at lovemichelle427@Yahoo.com



On 10/21/2020 at 8:04 AM, Love Michelle said:

Hi all, I need help with my NCLEX. I'm so scared! You can email me at lovemichelle427@Yahoo.com



I emailed you!