NCLEX, license by endorsement

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If someone graduates in one state but knows they want to work in another (and you aren't in a compact state) that means you should just take the NCLEX for the state you know you want to move to, correct?

I was reading about license by endorsement and was a little confused about that. It seems license by endorsement means you don't need to retake the NCLEX in another state, but you pay dues for each state?

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NCLEX is a once and done exam. If you know off the bat that you want to work in a certain state, apply for licensure with that state's BON. You can take the test anywhere it's offered regardless of the state you applied for licensure. If you apply for licensure in one state but want to work in another, you must apply for licensure in that state and pay that state's fees in addition to the fees paid to the initial state of licensure. If you are absolutely positive you aren't going to work in your current state, applying for licensure in the current state would be a waste of money.