NCLEX July 2017, PEARSON TRICK 2017, kaplan vs uworld


hey guys! So I didn't see too many updated forums of their experience with the 2017 NCLEX/ PVT.

So PRE NCLEX I decided to purchase the Kaplan RN live review, i found it very helpful the way they teach you how to answer questions is really great. I didn't purchase UWORLD but for my friends that did said it was okay, I just know that Kaplan is PASSING level questions only! Which the average % on the NCLEX is 50% so they want you to reach for 60-65%. I'll post my grades up in a bit, but i did around 2500 practice questions, did not use any book just questions.

Diagnostic exam: 73%

QT1: 63%

QT2: 57%

QT3: 53%

QT4: 62%

QT5: 64%

QT6: 60%

QT7: 57%

RT: 72%

for the QBank I ranged from 53-67

I stopped at 75 questions... PS. PRACTICE SELECT ALLS

Now I know everyones crazy about the Pearson trick, for me it worked like a charm, I woke up the next morning tried it put in my correct card info just wrong expiration date and got the good pop up! I did it twice and got the same thing twice! So it does work! lol I was scared since I took my test on Saturday that I wouldn't get my results on Monday cause of the business day situation, but I was checking all day and i got my results at my END time on Monday. After you take the NCLEX you will get an immediate email saying you finished you have to wait for quick results, whatever time you get the email is the time you get your results!! And thankfully I passed!!!

SO keep studying you can do it!!!