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Hi everyone,

I'm new to the board and I have a few questions about taking the NCLEX. I am graduating from a BSN program in May and I was wondering how soon after graduation I can take the exam? How often do test taking centers offer exam dates? Thanks in advance for your help!



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u may take nclex anytime whenever you are ready. test centers offer exams everyday except sunday.


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You may want to ask your program director or contact your state board of nursing. In Ohio the process was:

1. Fill out application for state board

2. Fill out application for test administrator (Pearson Vue) and pay for NCLEX

(These two steps can be done concurrently and months before graduation)

3. School sends Letter of Completion to State Board

4. State Board releases Authorization to Test to test administrator

5. The authorization (ATT) is emailed to you and enables you to schedule your test. Test are offered 6 days a week with many available times/days. I was able to schedule a test just a few days after I received my ATT.

In the meantime, visit the Pearson Vue website and locate the testing centers in your area. Also, start to map out your study plan now! By a book/cd/flashcards and consider signing up for a class or taking the HESI (predictor test) and identify your weaknesses. Then, concentrate your studying on these areas before you begin to do a general review. It is wise to take the test soon after you graduate, but you will want to leave some time to revist concepts you might not have covered in some time. I took about a month to take a course and do my own review. I feel that time was very adequate.

It seems like you're really on the ball and that will certainly help you to be successful. My advice is to start the application process now, that way everything is in place when you finish school! Good Luck to you!

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