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NCLEX 2014 How I passed :)

Yozora Yozora (New) New

This site was really helpful for me in passing the exam so I would like to return the favor.:up:

I passed the exam on the first try at the 98 item mark (what an odd number). I tried the pearson vue trick and it worked for me.

These are some pointers (REVIEW):

  • Kaplan Online Demand- use every single bit of the Qbank, watch all the videos and answer all question trainers
  • Read Saunders Book for hard topics.
  • Answer questions everyday (minimum of 50 items, there additional questions in sites like quizlet, nurseslabs and *******) The exam was hard but I think my test taking skills really saved me.
  • Polish your skills in answering SATA (Select all that apply), see first and alternative type questions ( NCLEX3500 helped me)
  • Know your EKG patterns (algorithms.com )
  • Watched some youtube videos for visuals
  • Study INFECTION CONTROL (BIG emphasis on this)
  • When you already have scheduled your exam. I would suggest that you answer questions on the same time as your scheduled time. For example I scheduled my exam 8am, I always answer timed questions at 8am, if you got a flexible schedule to do this.

Lastly, don't forget to enjoy on your free time. Good luck!:yes:

Congrats🌟 I'm scheduled for mine in a couple days I'm super nervous

Hi congrats where have you studies infection control

I used the kaplan course book (free in kindle) and the saunders book. My tip is to study the guidelines and PPE to use in each mode of transmission of the infection (air, droplet, contact) ;) I'm sorry I cannot help much about the topic.