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hello all,

Iam preparing to take my boards in two weeks and it seems like the closer i get to the date, I'am doing bad on my NCLEX practice questions. I have completed all of my kaplan and I was averging high 50's low 60's, sometimes i will get lucky and even score in the 70's. Since i have finished the kaplan i have switch to do question from my saunders cd and iam doing very bad on there. I was told by my kaplan Instructor that you will be safe for boards with just kaplan no other review sessions from other makers. I need some advice, I still do practice my kaplan quesions (the ones that i have got wrong) but i feel like i get the question right becuase i know the answer from me doing it before. My question is should i just keep doing th kaplan everyday even though I have completed every sigle last thing on there and train my brain since NCLEx is simiar to kaplan or should i try to get better with the saunders.I feel like Im ready to take boards when i do my kaplan but when i do the saunders I womder if i should push my test back, and finccially i cant afford that. Im so nervous, confused, scared and sad. Could you please give me some advise, espically for any new nurses out there who took the NCLex recently and also took kaplan. Please help me i would be forever so grateful.

Thanks so much


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Be calm and just keep doing questions everyday. Don't push your test back. It is normal to feel anxious and unprepared. I felt the same way when I went into NCLEX and I passed. You know your abilities best, try to be confident.

EDIT: I only used Saunders to review for the NCLEX. I found it did a great job and covered many aspects. I would start to review using Saunders as much as possible.

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I agree with the above comment :) I too only used Saunders and I passed first try! You can do it just keep studying and you will be fine.

I found most of my questions were critical thing questions (after getting report what pt would you assess first? of these pt concerns which would take priority? if you observed a CNA doing A, B, or C, which would you address first etc) so always remember your ABC's if you have a questions of that sort.


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I used Saunders and also Mosby, and passed on the first try.

I don't think it makes sense for you to keep doing the same Kaplan questions over and over. It makes more sense to do new practice questions that you haven't already done -- the more you do, the better you'll do.

Good luck!

I am wondering the same thing..I did Kaplan and am failing the trainers and q bank badly :(