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I am currently in an associate degree in nursing program and I am scared to death that I will not pass NCLEX! I am an average 3.0 student and very dedicated to passing this test but every time I do practice tests I seem to do awful. I am aware that even straight "A" students can have a difficult time with this test that are not used to these types of questions. I also realize that a major part of nursing is critical thinking and I do not do very well at answering the type of questions that have more than one right answer. I would love to get an insight from people who also struggled in the beginning with the test and how they managed to overcome it. Does anyone have any advice on how they survived NCLEX? Any advice or tips on studying would be great!

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see the information on - looking for test taking strategies



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Use the current Saunders NCLEX study guide. Read the chapter in it on test taking strategies. On just one sheet of notebook paper write down each of those test taking strategies. Use this papaer as guide when you do practice questions in the Saunders NCLEX or any other NCLEX practice questions. Mark beside the question why you got the question wrong and which one of these strategies may have helped you answer the question correctly. You will soon see a pattern to why you answer questions incorrectly and you can use these strategies to answer the questions correctly.

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I passed my NCLEX-PN using only a Saunders study guide to study with. I know many who have passed their NCLEX RN using only Saunders study guide also.

Best of Luck

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