Nclex exam --- Heart beat started


Dear Friends,

It took 1 and half year to receive my nclex exam permission from CA board due to some mail issues.Finally I had a chance to attempt nclex on Dec 9th 2008 ( Yesterday).

Paid $500 to get Kaplan access..studied around 6 hours a day ( I work at day time)..It was very hard working and studying..but I did my level best by keeping my trust on GOD.

I've been practicing question bank and attempting more than 100 questions per day..studying in the nights and in mornings..

There was some explosion before they allow me to take my exam..while they verifying my record, they found that there is a space character in my last name and it is not there in my identification card.i WAS PRYING GOD.. I had to wait for 30 mins and finally they called again, they mentioned that I'm sorry Mam..we had little inquire about your last name seems to be all perfect please enter into the exam room.

I prayed GOD and entered into the exam hall..

Finally I attempted and system was off at 75 questions.I felt questions were very hard and most of them are priority based..I was so nervous..not sure what might have been the result...

Now this is the tough period ..joining our folks who is waiting for their results..

I'm praying for everyone including me who attempted..I like a sentence from our forum.. we should keep faith on let's all be optimistic..

Thank you all.....


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I agree that we should be positive and leave everything to God. I also took my NCLEX today (Dec 10). My questions also shut off at 75. I prayed every chance I got between questions. I know victory has been won glory be to God!!!! :saint:Just continue to pray and believe that you did the best you could:up:

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