When to start your baby on solid foods? & is Kaplan Trainer reliable?

  1. I was taught in nursing school (graduated Dec. 2011): 6 months you can start feeding your baby solid foods: start with rice cereal, then vegetables, then fruits.

    But when I was doing the Kaplan NCLEX Trainer...(I found online so I don't know the publication date) ... I ran into this question and picked D, but it was wrong

    New mother is taking her infant home. Client asks nurse when she should start giving her child solid foods. Nurse's response should be based on which of the following statements?

    (The other 2 were obviously wrong so not going to type it)
    A. Rice cereal is usually first solid food and is started around 4 to 5 months
    D. Solid foods are usually not started until infant is around 6 months old

    Correct: A because that's the right time frame to start solid foods

    I looked it up in Saunders 4th edition and it stated "Solid foods are introduced at 5 to 6 months of age; introduce solid foods one at a time, usually at intervals of 4-5 days, to identify food allergens" (pg.414)

    I ran into a lot of questions in Kaplan that i don't personally believe are right (due to the slightly off info). But I've heard so many good things about Kaplan. Taking NCLEX in 10 days and I'm stressed out! I've been using different learning tools, not sure if I'm ready. Help?!
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  3. by   Sapphirestarr
    I just came across this exact issue today. I'm not that worried though because I was told that the NCLEX won't give you ranges so close to the accepted norm. Instead it might probably read like: give rice cereal at 2-3 months or solids shouldn't be introduced until 5-6 months. Where clearly 2-3 months is too early to start giving solids. The same thing goes for lab values. I haven't taken the NCLEX yet, but I took a prep course and that's what they told us. Here's hoping its true! Good luck in your studies!!
  4. by   HelloM1M1
    Thank you! That took some stress off my shoulders =]