What to do to pass NCLEX

  1. what is the things I should do different in order to pass the NCLex. I have taken this test three time already, and I am very scare now. I have been trying to study but because of fear I don't want to register for it yet. please help me.
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  3. by   sil2012
    I would suggest to get up and dust off the fear you make have...I believe fear is pure evil is like a roadblock from achieving your goals/dreams...I will be taking my test for the second time around in a couple of wks...We will succeed my friend!!! you have to believe it this time...you have to give yourself a comprehensive assessment so you can narrow it down to a focus assessment (your weakness on content)...First time I used Kaplan..no luck with that...Now I am using Hurst, ncsbn for content/qs..and other questions from other sources...remember there is no way you will know everything about but at least try your best to know the basics for every disease...don't get overwhelmed on your failure, you only job is LOOK FORWARD!!!!....May God guide to the finish line...EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE AS LONG AS BELIEVE!!!...WE WILL SUCCEED!! WE WILL BE RNs in 2014!! Happy NEw year!!!!!!
  4. by   rosemaryahanor
    Don't be scared, took nclex for the 4 time on the 28th and passed with 207 questions. Will advice to do lots of questions and please read the rational sit does help. All the best.