What level are Kaplan Qbank questions?

  1. Are these highest level NCLEX questions?

    My scores are in the upper 50s to 70s range now (thank God because in the beginning they were in the 20s lol).

    Are these nclex style?
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  3. by   pknurse
    All Kaplan questions in the QBank are passing level questions (which are the ones you want to be hitting).

    In my opinion, the questions are written in the same style; the interface even looks the same. (Unless you are doing Kaplan Integrated Testing as part of your school; the screen looks different than NCLEX.)

    Whether Kaplan is "harder" or "easier" than the NCLEX-RN is insanely subjective.
  4. by   swansonplace
    Tests 1,2,3 - Content
    6,7 - Analysis/application
  5. by   Soliloquy
    Thank you for the responses.

    And congrats on passing, pk.