What??? I'm licensed?? May 2017

  1. Hello Fellow nurses,

    I just wanted to let everyone know that it is official. I have the RN right behind my name. Please excuse my typos and autocorrects.
    How did I get there....here is a bit of a background of me...

    I finish in August 2016.
    I first used only Nclex Mastery App, Uworld, LaCharity, Kaplan and the 35 page notes. My test was scheduled right before thanksgiving. My Uworld score started off around mid-40%. After I finish it was merely 50%. I thought it was good enough because a lot of people said don't worry about the percentage, just understand the rationale. I happen to understand the rationale, but I did not brush up enough to understand.
    Nclex mastery app, I used it on my phone only, but I had a hard time with it and scores were low.
    Kaplan, I was lost half way through the tree.
    LaCharity was the best, I scored the highest on leadership/management/priority. Finish all the chapters, did not do the case studies. No need.
    I studied a full month from 9am-8pm up until test date.

    The day of my test, I did a little bit of Uworld qs....bad idea. Had some breakfast, walk in thinking I can do this. Spent about about 2 1/2 hours and was kick off at 150ish qs. walk out thinking I did well. Went home, did the PVT....took my money. Heart was broken.

    After all that, it was hard to pick myself up, like do I really want to go through another round of this sh*t again???? I did not pick up a book for a few months.

    Fast forward today, I change the way I studied. I only spent 4-5 hours a day studying, i realize i over burn after a few hours. I needed to brush up on my content. So i decided to read the entire Sanders (purple book) from cover to cover. I made notes and I ended up with 2 notebook binders to read. I would go to work early and just sit in my car and read my notebooks
    I work 7am-3pm. get home, do a 100 qs from mastery app everyday. and continue to finish saunders.

    I schedule my test in May and I started again in mid-March. Spent 1.5 months on saunders did the qs at every end of the chapter after every chapter. I felt more confident now I got the content down. I end up doing mastery app on the computer instead and it was much better than staring at my phone, i find it much helpful that way . So every chapter I finish on saunders, I used mastery app to test myself with each topic.

    LAcharity, I scored a lot higher than i did before,instead of the book you can do it over the computer as well. I did keep the old scores and compare it today, it was a nice increase.

    3 weeks left until the test, I solely used Uworld only to get the hang of nclex qs. I did not want to give up on Uworld because I know it will help me so I gave it another shot. I did the first self-assessment test and got 60% and was rank "very high" chance of passing. I did not spent much time reading the rationale anymore, because a lot was coming back, i started to understand more on the rationale now. I can connect the dots.

    This time I only took a week off before my test. My UWorld score ended at 62% and I finish all the qs 2 days before the test. The last day before my test, I brush up on math, ekgs, and topics I need to look at. Make sure you know the basics!! I also look at HeyRona notes, it was awesome.

    The day of the test, I was schedule at 1 pm. Did not make the mistake again not touch any test qs, i only look at lab values and mnemonics. Arrived at the site 11am, and was just siting in my car. I wanted to take the test and get it over with. So i walk in and ask, they said whenever I am ready.

    Test at 11:30am, I started to understand what the question was asking, kept going, by the time I look up I was on question 67. I was like...the 75 mark is coming up. I kept going and the blue screen came on. Is it time for a break??? NO....it was the survey....the test shut off at 75. I spent 1 hour and 45 min at the site. I was shaking.....I left feeling numb.

    The past 2 days was painful, Im in CA, we don't get the quick results so my mind was scramble eggs. How about the PVT???? NO... I did not try it...my friend took it before me, they tried to take her money....but she found out she pass. SO I am not sure if it is dead or not.

    2 days after test date, CA loves to Post it in the morning....like early morning. I check hour after hour, when it was getting close to 5 am....if I don't see it, I did not pass.
    3:48 am, nothing, 4:01 am nothing. 4:07....there it was...my name and a licensed number.

    To those who are taking it twice, don't give up. Don't give yourself any option as if, if you don't pass maybe I can...NOOOO!!. Tell yourself you have to pass, so you can get your life started. I started to understand what the qs is asking. If you feel like the question is too much, close your eyes, breath, and clear your mind. Reread the question again. I have to give props to Uworld and Saunders. I can not afford those $500 course to pass nclex. I did this on my own self pace.

    Good luck everyone!!!!
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