Weeeelllllll I PASSED NCLEX PN!

  1. THANK U JESUS! THANK U JESUS! THANK U JESUS! So i caved in & pd the $7.95 to see my quick "unofficial" results after i said i wouldnt but ive been checking pearson vue & my bon page ALLLLLL DAY & right before i attempted to take a nap the status changed on my pearsonvue page change & i pd & when the page came up it said PASS!!!!!!! OMG! So much 4 a nap after that! Im not a crier BUT I CRRRRIIIIEEEDDDDD! A long time coming & my change finally has come! Now just waiting to see my license number on my bon page & i'll be alright! Nothing but up from here! WoooHOOO! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! What an awesome feeling to finally accomplish something! Already have a job lined up pending my passing. Wa gonna go back to school next month to retake my a&p since they are old so i can start on my RN BUT after spending the past 15 months none stop in school & studying for the NCLEX PUT A FORK IN ME IM DONE UNTIL JAN '14! Thanks to everybody who has prayed for me& encouraged me! I'll be forever grateful!
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  3. by   LeeLeeTheGPN
    Yassssss i don't even know you but i am soooo proud of you!!! I feel like all of us pn '13 grads were in this together!!! God is good!!!
  4. by   Truthhall
    Hey congrats I take my Wednesday I'm so nervous. What did you use to study? Did you have a lot of select all that apply? I so scared!
  5. by   Mrsladysoul83
    Awwweww THANKS LeeLeeThaGpn! Yess God has been SOOOOOO GOOOD! 2013 has def been OUR SEASON!

    Truthhall i used saunder's, exam cram, nclex pn 3000 & did the ncsbn 3 week review to prepare! But i still didnt feel like i did enough! Overall i think i did 1000-2000 questions. I kinda did questions along the way so that way when it came time to really buckle down i wouldnt freak out which i did but i work better UNDER PRESSURE! I had 30 SATA questions which wasnt that bad. Just take your time & read the questions & ALL THE ANSWERS! School prepared you & ur studyin was a review SO YOU GOT THIS! ITS ALREADY DONE! Dont 2nd guess urself. I didnt look @ the clock or how many questions while testing b/c didnt wnt 2 panic. I had 85 overall no calculations or drags or drops, no put in order either. U'll DO FINE!
  6. by   Truthhall
    Omg 30 I just fainted!:-(
  7. by   Truthhall
    I'm studying out of the same books though, how long did you wait before took your test!
  8. by   Mrsladysoul83
    Lol i almost FAINTED 2! I graduated Aug 6th & tested sept 7th. I almost rescheduled but the next available saturday was next month! NO MA'AM! Just believe in your ability to pass! SPEAK THOSE THINGS THAT ARE NOT AS THOUGH THEY WERE! IN OTHER WORDS SPEAK THAT NCLEX PASSED! I did it everyday & i put in the WORK! Yeah some people dont have to study & to each its own but i couldnt expect GOD TO DO IT FOR ME IF I DIDNT TAKE THE 1st STEP & PREPARE! It was annoying @ times b/c i felt as though YEAH I KNOW THIS but still i didnt want to be ARROGANT! I was CONFIDANT that i would pass & even if i didnt i wouldnt be to upset b/c at least i studied! NCLEX PASSED HONEY! U CAN DO IT! U can ask for all the prayers & encourgement in the world BUT U DONT PRAY URSELF & ENCOURAGE URSELF WHATS THE POINT! ALL YOU NEED IS THAT LITTLE MUSTARD SEED FAITH! Trust & believe i had 2 use & believe in my faith! It carried me these past 15 months when i had to quit my job b/c they wouldnt work around my school & i was a RN school FLUNKY! NONE OF THAT MATTERS NOW! I MADE IT & SO WILL U
  9. by   Truthhall
    Thank you for the encouragement, I finished August 23rd this year and I have been praying and seeking God, I was valedictorian of my graduating class but I am still so nervous and I passed the hesi don't know why I'm so nervous but need ans desire this so bad, but I don't believe he's brought me this far to leave me!😊😄😁
  10. by   vbarger28
    I take my pn tomorrow, believe it or not I am actually looking forward to the SATA, I have been told that those ones in particular are way above the pass level, so if you keep gettin them, you are golden, even if you get them wrong, you are still above pass...bring on the SATA!!!!
  11. by   Lholmes30
    how do u get to the ncsbn review? does anyone know?
  12. by   Mrsladysoul83
    Lholmes30 i googled ncsbn learning extension & it takes you right to the page. If u do decide to do it, i think 3 weeks is enough & do it everyday! I was on mine 4-5hrs a day. Make sure you do the pretest which will let you know the areas you are below passing in. Its a good overview of everything broken down into 8 lessons. Its long & can get a lil boring but to me its worth it