Waiting is torture! - page 2

I think waiting to get your results is worse than taking the test. I might call my dr. to get some Lexapro. Completely joking. Do others feel the same way? Also, that last question before the test... Read More

  1. by   jayann
    Hello menursgrad,
    We are all in the same boat esp the waiting period. The good thing
    with you, you will know it sooner than us. I took mine last Jan 7 in Hongkong, and I am still waiting for my result. You will make it.
  2. by   melnursgrad
    I just found out that I did indeed pass. I am very suprised! I Thank everyone on this board for all of their wonderful comments and words of wisdom. Good luck to all.
  3. by   pkin22
    Done! Let me know how you guys do. I know this waiting stinks.