Uworld Review

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    Uworld and the road to nclex. Worth the money? Let’s go with ABSOLUTELY!

    Uworld Review

    I used Uworld for about 6 weeks and got through all 2020 questions (the system sometimes plays with new questions to collect data so the total number of questions it offers fluctuates).

    I was averaging about a 57% on my practice tests. Some tests I would score a 60% and others a 45% (very few). I love Uworld! It gives you in-depth rationales on everything including the wrong answers which all helped me learn more. The first week I used Uworld and my nursing books to make some flash cards about things I didn't feel 100% confident on (which felt like everything). After that I solely used Uworld and my flash cards.

    Cut to nclex day (1/24/18), I did not feel prepared enough and questioned if I should just reschedule the test at a later date to study more but all my nursing friends said just take it you'll never feel ready. As far as the way nclex looks, it looks just like Uworld which was nice as it felt like I was just taking another practice test(as much as it could feel that way considering i felt as if I was perfusely sweating the entire time). NCLEX for me was rough!! Not that the material was rough but I felt I didn't study any of what it was asking of me, it felt very basic and all of the answer choices for the most part seemed correct (I should add I have extreme test anxiety). When I got to question 40 I was a complete wreck, I sat back on my chair and said to myself I shouldn't read the questions anymore, I should just choose whichever answer to get this over with because I have failed miserably. A few minutes later I decided to keep trying. My computer shut off at 75 and I knew I failed. The material was too basic and I was completely stumped by it for some odd reason and considering it's a progressive test i clearly had not progressed. On top of that I only got about 6-8 SATA and everyone said the more you get the better you're doing (Uworld has a TON of SATA questions, another bonus of the system).

    Needless to say I felt horrible when i left the testing center and was extremely emotional the next couple of days. Thursday night i couldn't sleep as i knew my results would be ready Friday at some point, I laid in bed trying to sleep but it never worked. Also need to add I did the pearsonvue trick of attempting to pay for your test again and if it doesn't take your card payment and states you are already scheduled for the test, that indicates you passed, i received that message ("good message"), however that apparently isn't always true as I read somewhere on this site someone received that message, thought they passed r/t computer shutting off at 75 and they actually failed.

    It is now Friday 1/26/18 6AM (still awake) and I log onto pearsonvue, go to the quick results tab and it states my results are available and gives me the option to process a payment to get them. I furiously enter my card info, hit submit and place my hand over my computer screen because i wasn't ready to see that I failed. At this point I'm sweating, hyperventilating and getting ready to see that I failed and tell myself it's going to be ok, because truly it is going to be ok, you just study a little more and retake it when you can.
    i finally move my hand away from my screen and it says PASS!!!!! I was 99% sure I had failed NCLEX so you should already know i woke up everyone in the house! I know this is a long review but I read soooo many reviews as I studied for nclex and even though i was still stressed beyond repair, these reviews helped me a lot and I just felt I needed to leave a comment as it could help someone.

    I truly feel that Uworld helped me tremendously! Study your butt off and retain as much as you can, if you feel you're weak in an area then go a little harder in that field. And if you fail it is not the end of the world. I failed pharm the first round in nursing school and contemplated giving up but i am so glad I kept going. Never in a million years would i think i would pass nclex with only 75 questions in 1hr and 10 minutes but it happened and I could not be happier.

    Also, go with what you know, don't change your answer (I'm notorious for that but didn't for nclex) unless you have significant knowledge to do so, and believe in yourself. You got this future RN!!! The world is right at your finger tips don't slow down now and don't beat yourself up if you have to retake it. Some days are just bad test days.

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  3. by   Angela, BSN
    Awesome story!!! Congratulations and thank you for the encouragement!
  4. by   she244
    Congratulations! I like you have test anxiety. As I read your post I remember having the same experience as you when taking the NCLEX. I read each question and pick 2 answers and chose between those 2. The computer cut off at 73 questions for a break, and the man who was proctoring the exam asked me how many questions has I answered. I told him 73. He looks at me and says "Wow, you probably will not be able to finish the test being that slow. Made me feel great (of course not). I logged back on and the computer cut off at 75. The man came up to me and said (It's over). Then said either I had passed or failed. Boy, I felt great leaving. I would not answer the phone or go anywhere until I got the results. I had passed like you with 75 questions. Congratulation again and enjoy the next adventure of your life.