1. Hi Guys! Is there anyone there who tried UWORLD? I have a self-assessment exam but I didn't activate it yet, my exam will be on the 30th of March. I still have 600 questions left in the Qbank and I am so nervous because my overall correct answers is only 51.2% and incorrect is 48.7%.
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  3. by   mantidqueen1
    I took the NCLEX in January and primarily used UWorld. I liked it. The rationales were good, and comprehensive, plus there were a lot of delegation, prioritization, and SATA.

    I also used ATI, because that was what my school used. I did pass.
  4. by   olaitanolamide
    I wish to practice uworld questions , does anyone have questions copy?
  5. by   olaitanolamide
    Did you pass?
  6. by   Supr760
    I think Uworld is great! It really helped my to pass on 2nd try. I wish I would have used it the first time I tested.
  7. by   BKlove
    Gosh!!! It's hard.
  8. by   nalie2
    Take the self assessment test. I bought the package with 2 tests. I took one test before doing any of the uworld questions and the second test 2 days before taking NCLEX. The self assessment test tells you if you have a good chance of passing and it may or may not be accurate, who knows, but it made me feel more confident.
  9. by   BKlove
    How's your self assessment test?
  10. by   PurpPlumeria
    UWorld only. But make sure you read the rationals until you understand it. Also keep doing the questions over and over until you get high scores. I started at getting in the 50s but then at the end I started getting in the 80s. Passed NCLEX on the first try. You got this! Good Luck!
  11. by   PurpPlumeria
    I also think you should take at least another week to study. you still have 600 question and that is not counting the incorrect you got.
  12. by   BKlove
    Thank you so much and congrats! I only have 100 questions left and I didn't take my self assessment yet.
  13. by   PurpPlumeria
    Oh wow only 100! Okay you should be ready by then! Good luck!! Also the pvt "good pop up" worked for me. I found out my results in less than 48 hours by using this website: https://search.dca.ca.gov/results. I live in Cali.
  14. by   ajb8789
    Did you take the test BK? If so, all the best! I used UWORLD and worth every penny!