Trying to be as proactive as possible!

  1. I graduate from my BSN program the first weekend of June. I have already started studying for NCLEX using Saunder's Comprehensive Review. At this moment I'm focusing on content before I tackle questions, which I hope to do thousands of those post graduation. I want to just focus on content now and questions after. Does this make sense? My content area is weak and I know that I need to focus more on that, since I can't answer questions if I don't know what the content is.

    My "job to be" will sponsoring a week long review the first week of June so I really want to be as prepared as I can. I will be traveling a long way to get to the sessions and want to make myself as productive as I can now. Today is the first day of my "organized" review plan. I have decided that I will wake up at 6am and study for 2 hours only NCLEX materials. I think my first day went well and I hope I'm consistent with the rest of the days.

    I'm feeling a little overwhelmed now because I want to be overprepared and ready for whatever questions I will receive on NCLEX. Any suggestions from anyone would be great. Feel free to PM me as well.
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