to those who applied in CALI BRN...pls read..

  1. hi all! would like to ask how long is the wait for the eligibility from the state of cali for a foreign graduate from phils?

    is there anyone who applied without local board? i know that nle is not required for nclex but would like to know if there are those granted eligibility even without nle?...coz almost all of my friends who applied for licensure in Cali passed the nle...thank you
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  3. by   Leilah75_RN
    aye i know someone who applied in CA without taking the local boards in Phils. she's currently my neighbor...21 yo young lass... been here in usa since dec. anyways she received her eligibility 3 weeks ago....

    3-5 months is the typical wait for the eligibility for CA applicants...u will be lucky if they grant you ahead of that time range like my neighbor. she doesnt have SSn as well.

    btw. what is NLE? an engish test of some sort? she havent taken any english exam...altho her visa is a permanet resident visa. maybe an english test is required only for visa purposes....better get more info about it....
  4. by   kryssie
    Hi! I didn't take the NLE in the Philippines one week after my graduation I flew back here in the States coz my stay in the Philippines shouldn't be long due to Immigration laws. I'm a U.S Citizen but I studied in the Philippines. April last year was my graduation and I submitted my paper last week of May. They receive my papers first week of June and I receive my eligibility letter 3rd week of September so it only took 3 1/2 mos. but according to the BRN-CA, foreign graduates who apply in CALI, the process of eligibility will take bet.4-6 mos. I'm lucky enough that it will only took 3 1/2 mos..I took my NCLEX last dec and I failed. I took it again last MArch 15 and im crossing my fingers up to now that this time i'll pass. but you know what, my 2 batchmates who have papers here in the States took the NLE in the Phils. and they both passed NCLEX the first time. I guessed there is an advantage of taking the NLE than proceeding first to NCLEX coz it will test your skill. IF you're residing in the Philippines, the result of NCLEX will take longer coz the BRN-CA will look for your SSN. (Social Security Number). (that's what i heard most of the complain of foreign test taker here in the forum). anyways, goodluck!