this test result is killing me! i cant sleep! - page 2

hey ya'll.. new to the site. i took the nclex yesterday, and i feel absolutely horrible. i have no idea if i passed or failed. i dont feel confident at all. i was only sure of only probably 3... Read More

  1. by   jamie19
    yeah same here.. just the encouragement i needed right now
  2. by   cmp715
    jamie.. keep your hopes up! i just found out that i passed and i hope you will do as well..... i know how hard it is to wait and wonder.. but there's still hope...... what state did you took nclex in? is it one of those where you have to wait forever?...... best of luck again!
  3. by   jamie19
    im from california.. in the san fernando valley. today's my 14th day and still waiting.. i cant take it anymore!!!!