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  1. I was curious to find out from those of you in Texas, after you took your NCLEX was your name up on the BON before Pearson Vue's results were made available? Took my NCLEX for 2nd time Tuesday morning. The test shut off at 76. The first time I took it I had all 265 questions. Feeling very positive, test seemed easier this time and I was familiar with most all the subjects. 3 select all, 5 or 6 meds, lots of priority, infection and safety, 3 math and lots of essential questions. Also got the same question 2 times with different answers. Anyways maybe someone here will answer! I pray and pray and pray that God will see me through this soon! I am ready to be an RN!:spin:
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  3. by   KING ARTHUR
    Hi TxPonychic. I have also recently took the nclex exam this month for the state of texas and thankfully I've passed the exam at the first attempt. My computer shuts off at 96 and I was confident that my last answer was right and has been feeling very positive after the exam about the outcome and I was right.

    My analysis on the nclex exam is that it is a lot easier for the computer to decide if you pass or fail if your computer shuts off at 75. When it goes beyond that if the computer continues to give you questions then there is still a chance that you'll pass the exam. In my opinion and knowing that your last answer was right would be essential. I speak for my own experience and I knew that some of the people in here have posted same feedback.

    I've known my results thru pearsonvue "quick results" after 48 hours.
    But if i have waited for a few days it might have shown on Texas BNE website and would have not paid for the services. But I could not wait that excitement of knowing that I passed so no regrets.

    So I wish you good luck.