So, will YOUR finals be in the new NCLEX format?? - page 2

I found out just today that mine will be. :rolleyes: Well, I guess we've got to get used to that format somehow.... School is officially over for this semester! Woohoo! (Except for three... Read More

  1. by   joey442000
    NCLEX format???? I thought that was just how test were in general in nursing school.. Well thats how all of mine have been so far and im almost finished with my junior year.
  2. by   Nurse-o-Matic
    YUCK! I'm hating the new format questions. My profs started adding them last semester. Besides the new questions, here are other types of quetions I hate the most:
    * Roommate questions (like who can be in the same hospital room with little Johnny and his appendicitis?)
    * Acidocis/Alkalosis when compensation is involved
    * Insulin peaks and durations and onsets (I can't seem to keep them straight)
    Anyone else hate these????? :angryfire