Scored 829 on HESI, very nervous about NCLEX

  1. Hi everyone,

    I just got my ATT yesterday and can't bring myself to register for the test. Does HESI reflect NCLEX alot? Our school sure made it seem that way. I'm doing 200 questions a day and right now I plan to schedule the test for the end of February. Should I do it sooner.

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  3. by   mom2michael
    My friend got an 825'ish on his HESI, passed the NCLEX just this week with 77 questions. But, he also took his HESI very seriously and focused on the areas in which he knew he was weak (ie, got low scores in). He practiced several hundred questions a day, took the Hurst review class, etc... to prepare himself. He said he felt OK when he left the test, not great, but he wasn't suprised by the test.

    Some say the HESI is harder than NCLEX, others tell me NCLEX is harder than it's really anyone's guess. Everyone thus far has told me the hardest part of the NCLEX is the answer you want is not there and the 4 answers present all look very good, nice and seem appropriate for the question......HESI seemed that way to me.

    Our entire class of 48 have all scheduled ourselves from 4-7 weeks post graduation....but we also live in a state with a 90 day requirement to test, otherwise we can no longer work as GN's. Some did it quicker to get it over with, some wanted to wait about 6 weeks. Our instructors really pushed for us to test around the 6-7 week mark....mainly get Christmas over, get and start the new job and get some time to study in there....but not too much time so we get out of the habit of studying.