RN tomorrow- 3rd time!

  1. Scared to death. I know it in and out but when I sit down I blank out. Anyone else testing tomorrow?
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  3. by   Danielle318
    Good Luck to you. I'll pray for you tonight. You can do this
  4. by   mbuttar
    god help you, trust him !!
  5. by   Sakshi
    Hi how did ur exam go. I sit in for exam in less than 2 weeks n am starting to get nervous. If u don't mind me asking how many questions did u get? N what kind?
  6. by   mbuttar
    Hi, Sakshi this is Manjit u can send me email manjitbuttar@gmail.com we will talk about the nclex. try to send u a private msg but didn't go through.
  7. by   mbuttar
    sorry this msg for sakshi.
  8. by   lizzyxpooh
    Good luck! You're not alone. I just took mine yesterday (12/27) for the 4th time!
  9. by   mbuttar
    What you used to study for 4th time ? Any advise can help .....thanks !
  10. by   skygirl107
    Quote from lizzyxpooh
    Good luck! You're not alone. I just took mine yesterday (12/27) for the 4th time!
    how did you study differently for the 4th time?tnx
  11. by   lizzyxpooh
    ] I approach it differently this time around. I contacted my dean from my university and she set me up with a remediated professor. That professor coached me and helped me look at the stem of the questions. She also helped me managed my anxiety, i think that was the key problem that led to me overthinking it. Also, i exercised 3-4 days a week with hot yoga, yoga helped me with my anxiety level. While doing so, i used the ncbsn 5 wk course. I only used 4 weeks of it. I followed the study plan ad much as i could. Im a visual learner so instead of copy pasting the content, i had to write everything out as i studied (the areas i was wrak in, such as meds). So i studied for 4 wks, 5-6 days per week; 3-6 hrs depending how focus i am. If im distracted, i take a long break since its pointless to study when i cant absorb anything. I took mine 2 days after Christmas. Imagine the holiday distractions! Haha. Oh the family and friends, shopping, social gather was a bit distracting, but i stayed focus. Did i take a breAk? Sure. I made sure i take a break fir every hour that i studied. So after an hour, i took a break and went to target for a quick xmas shopping, and i went back to study for another hour, then took a break and had a snack, study fir another hour, than take a break for a shower. Etc. In the past i studied for 6-8 hrs, 4-5 days per wk for 2 months. I didnt repeat it because i had the content down. It was just focusing on the safest answer.... I overthink- my weakness. Whats your weakness? Because everyone works differently. Identify that first. Is it content? Over-think? Rush too much? Etc. My colleagues who i tutored during nursing school all passed on their first try. They all did kaplan, and all of them said they didnt use the strategy that was taught to them. I didnt find it useful at all. :/