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  1. Hi all,

    I posted an earlier thread, and thank you so much for the nice responses and for signing my sons guestbook....will send personal responses to all of you...

    I grad. Dec/05, I am just looking for any tips at all. I have Saunders Comprehensive review, and of course all of my books and stuff. Should I get anything else you think? And also, I hope this is okay to ask, I know I would pass now, if it wasn't for specific med questions. I have such a hard time memorizing all the names and ranges and stuff. How thoroughly should I review meds, does it seem to be a major, major part of the test? I would be okay w/ adverse effects for different classes. But as far as saying "this specific drug may cause..." I don't have the memory to memorize all the names!!! Thanks in advance for the help

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