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  1. Does anyone have info for which review course is best (Drexel, Kaplan...) or if it's even worth it? Has anyone tried the online reviews? Thanks
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  3. by   RNroseshea
    I am doing the Feuer review at It is a home study with 35 hours of nursing content with peds, psych, med-surg, pharm, ob all on 27 cds that can be downloaded to an ipod or whatever. The content (cds) also have booklets that accompany the material to read and understand as you are listening. They also give about 1200 plus practice ?'s and review heavily tested content on nclex. They also give test taking tools as well.

    Also, the nclex makers (NCSBN) have a site at with course content and about 1200?'s that are tricky. The rationales are good behind the ?'s but I think that the content is too much for me since I am concurrently doing Feuer. I only do the questions and the prices on this site are reasonable.
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  4. by   Matilda50
    I would check out the sticky at the top of the thread New Revised First Tip of Suzanne's Plan all you need one book with cd thats it the price of book. It will save you alot of money. Alot of people have passed using her plan you can research it. good luck to you I wish I would have done this the first time I tested but oh well I shall pass this 3x.