ReMar Review & passing in 2017 - page 2

Has anyone used ReMar review in 2017 and Passed? Has anyone used another question bank to supplement, because I don't think her amount of questions are enough. I'm a repeated test taker and purchased... Read More

  1. by   paulie7
    Hi, I just want to ask if you passed nclex rn by using remar? I'm planning to buy remar and I want to know if it's good or not
  2. by   Rovs
    Hi lala, can u sent it to me pls, I would appreciate it a lot.
  3. by   Miss Success
    Hi i found out today i didn't pass my nclex. I'm in between getting the remar review. It would help me alot if you emailed me as well. I'm devastated rifgt now but I'm a fighter and will keep trying. This is my second time. Please email me too
    Thanks a million
  4. by   vfranco
    Hi Lala68, how was your nclex? what did you think about the remar review? Im taking the test for the 4th time and im still struggling. Thanks
  5. by   Tanishaj05
    Can you message me I need help with review @ lala68
  6. by   Lvivyanka
  7. by   JamiaS
    Did you ever receive the information? I am thinking about purchasing but getting missed reviews.
  8. by   JamiaS
    Did you receive the info?
  9. by   Ladymae
    Hi Mrs.Lala.Im retaking my test.I would like to ask you if you don't mind If I can ask you about the video pls.I am looking forward for your reply
    Reply.I hope you will receive my message.
    Thank you .
  10. by   laylay412
    Hello Flnolegirl,
    I Just ordered the quick facts book from remar review and I'm using Uworld, was it helpful for nclex? I really wanna pass it the 1st time.