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  1. Hi there,

    Been trying to call BON Florida but cant get a hold of them. Anyone who can help me. Will be greatly appreciated. Im a foreign Registered Nurse from the Philippines and graduated nursing 7 years ago 2006. Im currently residing in Jax Florida. I took my nclex twice under State board of Nursing California but both wasn't successful. Took my first nclex in 2007 and last April 30 2013 took the second one. Since California have this concurrency issue for foreign nurses and nursing graduates especially those that came from Philippines. My plan right now is to take the nursing state board exam of Florida.

    I have few questions and Ive been trying to find answers for all of this but never had any luck.

    1. This is going to be my 3rd attempt ( 2nd bon California and now im planning to apply in bon Florida) I hope not, but if I failed again will I need to take the refresher course in florida.

    2. I graduated 2006 and been out from nursing for almost 7 years. Do I need to take the refresher course in able to apply and get approved for the application for licensure exam under bon Florida?

    3. Im a Registered nurse in the Philippines but the last time I practice nursing was 2009 the year before I migrated in USA, and also my PRC or RN license is already expired since 2012. Do I need to take the refresher course since Im out of nursing practice since 2009.

    Thank you so much and Hoping there will be someone out there who can help me. would like to apply and seat for nclex rn exam very soon, if possible before this year end. godbless to all!!
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  3. by   rdtolly
    in fla u have three tries to take it no matter what then off to refresher course if you dont pass it after the third get ur study on and pass it this time
  4. by   lyonylive

    After the third examination here in Florida, we need to do the remedial course. My case is the same with you. I,m foreign nurse. I,m going to take my third examination so I'm afraid
  5. by   lyonylive
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