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Hi, I been lurking in this NCLEX board for three months..I graduated in May 2006 and tommorow, I am going to take the NCLEX for the first time...I got a lot of advice on what to do on this... Read More

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    Quote from crb613
    Good Luck to you! It sounds like you are try to relax & let it soak in. Reading your post was like reading about myself....Saunders for content & rationales...Kaplan Trainer CD to test my ability to understand & answer q's. I passed w/75! Let us know when you pass
    I didn't study a darn thing...graduated...when I finally got into the testing center (they were packed) 2 mo's after graduation... I studying. Passed in 75 q's (though classmates some of them had 260 or so ..who knows...)... passed. Point your schooling if it was good.... if it wasn't doing the kaplan should have made up for it...

    YOu'll do fine! Remember - nobody feels like they did fine. Most are perplexed during the test... sometimes you may say outloud "What the heck?!" but just keep pluggin' away...and eventually you get the screen that goes from gray to blue and viola' you are finito!

    Then you stress for a little while (everybody does..) and then you probably passed..most people do.... remember that...there are some that don't (many folks have test anxiety I think that blocks their passing...unfortunately)....

    Get ready to be licensed!
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    Dream - check the other boards on the kaplan..but I'm pretty sure that 60's at kaplan is considered good.