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  1. I Took The Nclex Rn Last 02-08 Here In San Diego I've Verified With Bon Regarding My Status, They Told Me That They Already Mailed My Result Last 02-13 Since Then I Keep On Checking The Bon Website But I Haven't Seen My Name On The List.and Until Now I Havent Received My Mail??how Long Does It Take For The Mail To Reach San Diego??does This Mean I Failed???since They Already Told Me They Have Mailed My Result And My Name Wasn't In There?i'm Not Expecting Anymre That I Passed Coz I've Got This Feeling That Since They Already Mailed The Result Why Can't I See My Name In The List If I Did Pass,i Justwant To Know How Do U Guys Analyse My Situation Thank You.
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  3. by   Sheri257
    I don't know about when they mail the result but, a lot of this depends on which evaluator you get. That's the person who processes the file. The results aren't posted on the website until they have all of your school records.

    However, even if they have all of your school records, your name may not show up on the website if the evaluator is late processing the records. This is what's happened to some people in my class, myself included, unfortunately.

    While a lot of my classmates are up there, those of us who are assigned to this particular evaluator are not. So, you could be having the same problem we are. People who took it way back in early January are still waiting because of this and, also, the fact that our school was very late in getting records to the board.

    So ... it doesn't mean you failed. You could just be caught up in red tape like a lot of us. And btw ... calling and bugging them about it just seems to make it worse and causes more delays so ... as hard as it is to wait ... don't call.

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