prescription meds. for anxiety/stress to help get thru nclex exam

  1. I am not thrilled about failing the first time, but I couldn't calm down. The first question my heart was already pounding loud that it felt like my heart was in my ears. I had ear plugs on and had to take them out. My face was super hot and the screen seemed like a blur to me. I had test anxiety through nursing school but managed to get through it with a good grade point average.
    I had gotten a prescription for anxiety and have been taking it since Sept. when I had failed. I seem much more mellow and feel ready to take my test Jan.30th. I know medication isn't the answer for everything and there are other ways to control anxiety. I felt I needed help not only for the test but life too. I am too much of a perfectionist that it sometimes controls my life. "Life is too short to be miserable"- I had read this quote on this site. I love it!
    I there someone out there that is sort of going through what I am?

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  3. by   Leilah75_RN
    have you tried consulting a psychologist? or tried a different method like hypnotic therapy other than meds? some stress relieving exercises like yoga? i am in a lot of stress as well and couldnt find much time to study and so scared of failing again. i dont have money of my own nor a job which prevents me from buying stuff that i need. and asking hubby for some extra cash is so difficult. he doesnt want me to work because to his kid's needs (my step son and bro in law) passing nclex wil be my life. and as much as i am at the moment in deep misery, feeling lost, useless and used, i am looking forward to passing nclex. and with all the negative aspect of life, focus on one thing alone at the moment, forget the other vibes around for a period of time, deal with it after the test, nclex is the main priority. try to focus. u r not alone. take a deep breath and relax. best of luck to all of us.
  4. by   MALE*RN*777
    I know where your coming from and it will only get worse until you realize your only human. Test anxiety yes, then when I became a nurse I would call in after my shift to make sure I did everything correctly and even go back in to make sure. Something that seems to help me is to again remember that I am human and that if something doesn't go right that I'm not the first person who made a mistake. I also never make fun of those who do because when you do it will come back to bite you. You learn from your mistakes and your nursing judgement is based on you experiences. Lastly you can admit your mistake but an older wise nurse told me if I ever got pulled in to quote "I'll try to better next time" and "I guess I wasn't trained well enough". HA HA