Planning to take NCLEX-RN,Graduated 5 years ago

  1. Hi i am living here in California for nearly 5 years now.I got my BSN degree back home in the Philippines in march 2002 and since then i have not taken the NCLEX board exam yet,because i am scared to fail the exam,and i do not have the confidence to pass the exam.So what i did for the past five years is working as a Nursing Assistant in a hospital and did not studied at all for the exam.But now i realized that i have to pass this freakin exam,thinking that i spent 4 years just to get my BSN degree.So i am planning to give it a shot.My concern is,how can i prepare to take the exam?Is it advisable for me to take Kaplan's Complete NCLEX-RN Review?I am so worried about this since i was out of school for a long time and i havent been studying at all for five years.Any asuggestions?thanks you so much!
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    You may want to check Hurst Review. They give you a mini course of what you've learned in nursing school. Our nursing program brings their live review to our school on a regular basis. I've been told they are excellent and fun with a very high pass rate for those who take the course.

    Good Luck
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