1. I'll be taking my NCLEX-PN Nov. 15th, and I'm finding studying for pharmacology overwhelming. It's hard to know where to start, if I should memorize as much as I can, and how much about each class to know (SE, reactions, actions, etc). Do any of you have any tips for how to really understand this info? Or what I should really focus on as far as meds on the NCLEX for those that have taken the test already..
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  3. by   Bec717
    Not sure if this will help but there are NCLEX questions and just use the drop down at the top to move to different chapters~

    Good Luck~,00.html
  4. by   stelarRN
    thank you, Bec717!
    hey stelarjess! i am also taking my test on november 15!!! good luck to you!!!!

    we will soon be rn's!!!!
  6. by   stelarRN
    good luck to you too i'll actually be a PN..