Passed NCLEX-PN on second try!

  1. Hi everyone! I took NCLEX PN on Friday (Dec 7), paid for my quick results this morning and I passed!! The PVT showed the good pop up as soon as I got home Friday and started checking I cut off at 118 questions. God is good, ALL THE TIME! I do have a question, I live in Tennessee, when will my license # show on TN BON. I have been checking like every 15 min (they are going to think I'm crazy) and it keeps saying application in process. How long does it usually take to show and how long does it take to get in the mail? Thanks yall
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    I am taking this friday for the second time. Any advice? I know what I did the first time and will not do that again. Congrad..!
  5. by   rizmei
    congrats to you.. failed the first time here as well..will def not do the same mistakes
  6. by   Jess6813
    Thanks yall! I did Hurst Review. Only the book though! I couldnt afford the online Hurst class, etc. It REALLY helped me with delegation & priority Q's! I also watched youtube videos on labs (like silly ways to remember harder ones). Another thing i did was BREATHE! When I took it the first time I took all 205 questions and failed. I was always told if you take the base 85 or a little more than you would do good: lie. I just passed it with 118! One bit of encouragement, in my hurst review book it says if you take all 205 then you BARELY failed, the computer just never could differentiate between more right or more wrong. So that help me boost my studies knowing that i had just barely failed it. Don't panic, don't rush. Breathe and pray. Good luck yall!
  7. by   allabtu
    I hope you get this in time...
    where did you go on youtube to learn the tricks?
    Thanks, mine is this friday, I am BREATHING with pH 7.47 Pco2 33mmHg but its a challenge I WILL OVER COME!!
  8. by   Jess6813
    allabtu, they were nurse tim videos! I believe his youtube channel is Nurse Tim Tube or you can just type in nurse tim nclex or anything like that. He had some good lab videos that helped