Passed NCLEX 1st Time!

  1. I am so excited, I passed the NCLEX my first time. I'll tell you that it was probably one of the most stressful days in my lifetime! I did the Hurst Review online and also picked up the Kaplan RN 2011-2012 book and read the Testing Strategies (Chapter 3) a couple of times. I feel the Hurst review really helped me understand how everything works (especially since my nursing program was accelerated). After going through the Hurst Review and really knowing it, I studied the Testing Strategies in the Kaplan RN book and both the Hurst Review and the Testing Strategies were a good combination for me.

    The NCLEX-RN exam was difficult. It was different then the HESI Exit Exam I had at school. When I got to question number 75, it continued to question 76. My heart sank as I thought I was not doing good. At about question 90, I had to take a break, went to the bathroom, and cried a bit. I thought I was failing. I calmed myself down, and went back to the exam. I continued analyzing every question until about question 140, when I started losing all hope and feeling really burned out. I actually lied my head on the desk I was sitting at and continued answering the questions. Ast this point, I wasn't writing anything down and was going with my first initial answer. It shut off after question 165. Whooo.... it was about time because I felt I was going to be one of those that got the max amount, 265. I was not feeling well after that.

    I went home and immediately signed in to Pearson Vue, saw that it was successfully submitted, then did the "Pearson Vue Trick" from this sticky site (my school also told us about it). Sure enough, I got the good pop-up. So, 48 hours later (this Sunday Morning), I signed on to Pearson Vue to see my unofficial results were available. I paid the $8.00 to see that I've PASSED! Wow.... the feeling that rushed through me was incredible! I immediately texted and called everyone to tell them that I'm a Registered Nurse (well, as soon as I get my license number) and that I passed my State Board Exam! I can't believe it (well, actually, I can). Nearly every single person that I've told about my passing had responded that they knew I would because I know my sh*t! LOL

    So, if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me.

    I am an official graduate from Chamberlain College of Nursing in Phoenix, AZ with Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honors and I have successfully passed my NCLEX.

    Thank you!
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    thank you so very much!!!!

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    Congratulations...Will be taking mine in a few weeks....Hope to be saying the same words...
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    I have one question for you.. How is the fill in the blank question like? Are they only drug calculations? Or do you have to type in worded answers??? Thanks in advance
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    I have one question for you.. How is the fill in the blank question like? Are they only drug calculations? Or do you have to type in worded answers??? Thanks in advance
    I didn't have any fill-in-the-blanks, but the tutorial only showed math calculations for those types of questions. I didn't get any math at all. If you do have a math calculation, it's only numerics and it will tell you how many digits to round to. No confusion whatsoever about that. There also is a potential for audio questions to appear, but I didn't have those either. I just had graphics and SATA questions (in addition to the most numerous multiple choice).

    I wish you the best of luck!
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    I also did hurts really good but i have 2009 version plus kaplan q trainer Plz tell me is hurts really good? i m very nervous about it bcos first time i timeedout at 240Q now again i m doing hurts.i got 60% on mock nclex. plz reply with all the details and how did u approach each Q with hurts.Did u did cd contents too.
    Thank u
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    Congratulations on your success!!
    I am a Greek RN hoping to work in the US.
    I am making my research on readings, manuals and reviews over the NCLEX-RN test and as far as I can see everything is quite expensive for me to afford buying, concerning I am going to need more than 2 books..

    Keep fighting for your dreams, people!
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    How did you pay for school after?