Passed in 75 with LOW Kaplan scores! & 3.0 GPA

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    So I am NOT a good test taker (got a 22 on ACT, & failed every ATI test in nursing school). I was not in the nursing honors society and got an overall GPA of a 3.04 in nursing school. Our university has a very high pass rate, and I knew our teachers were nervous for me to pass the NCLEX. But I passed the NCLEX in 1 hour with 75 questions!!! ALL I did to study for the NCLEX was Kaplan. I didn't read any books or look up topics I didn't know, I just remediated every question I got on Kaplan. Here are my LOW kaplan scores:

    Diagnostic Test- 60% (I took this 1st, once our in person Kaplan class was over)

    QT 1- 52%
    QT 2- 47%
    QT 3- 61%

    QT 4- 51%
    QT 5- 42%
    QT 6- 50%
    QT 7- 52%

    Readiness Test- 59% (the kaplan lady said to reschedule our exam if we didn't get a 60% on this 2 weeks before exam, but I didn't. & I took it 1 week before exam)

    NCLEX Sample Test 1- 58%
    NCLEX Sample Test 2- 52%
    Who do you see first- 77% (these were way easier than the priority questions on NCLEX)
    Alternate Format Test 4- 28% (SATA questions, these were WAY harder than the NCLEX ones)

    QBANK average- 54% (I did 1300 questions which was recommended by my college)

    I studied for 3 weeks total and allowed my self 1 weekend to have fun. I studied around 8-12 hours a day Monday-Friday. I took the test about 1 month after I graduated. I was PRAYING to get to questions 76 during the test because I never thought I'd be smart enough to pass in 75. When it stopped at 75 I cried in my car thinking I forsure failed. NCLEX questions were a lot easier than Kaplan but I thought the priority questions were really tough. I did the Pearson Vue Trick and got the good pop up twice, but was still skeptical. I got my quick results exactly 2 days after I took it (I took it on a Saturday) and I PASSED!!! If I can do this anyone can!!! I hope this gives somebody some motivation! Kaplan works and was a great resource if you're a bad test taker!!!! I knew I needed to post on here because I was on here comparing every test with people who passed/failed. I'm officially an RN!!! YAY!
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    Hi Elizabeth:
    How can i get Kaplan system for Nclex?

    Jorge Guimoye
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    NCLEX Review and Nursing Test Prep | Kaplan Test Prep

    Our school made us buy the whole package. Expensive but worth it!