1. I passed my boards I seen a lot of you asking what program is best to study I use these people Nclex Tutoring it's an online tutorial via Skype it's great you can take it anywhere just wanted to share me and 8 of my friends use them we all passed they have a class starting soon so am super excited it was worth it since someone told me about them am passing it forward
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  3. by   vank
    I use them before they are good I passed mine in 2016 after doing there review now am getting my bachelors congratulations My friends did there reviews too they passed ya Good people congratulations are you going to further your education in nursing?
  4. by   Nikey261987
    Yes I am I was already working in a hospital so I just got another position as an rn but am looking into the np programs now
  5. by   futureLVN1
    hi i have been out of school for 5 years and i just recently took the test and didn't pass again. i have taken it 3 times and i just don't know what to do anymore. do you think this review class will help out since you experience it already?
  6. by   Nikey261987
    I honestly think so they are very nice so I went to a nursing seminar and over heard an np talking about them and I used it i am extremely thankful that's why i share it's really good honestly
  7. by   ambitiousjnyc
    @Nikey261987: CONGRATS!!!!!!!

  8. by   ambitiousjnyc
    @ futureLVN1: You should try it...I know the frustration you're feeling, but this could be what you've been praying for, try not to be discouraged...just continue to stay focus
  9. by   Nikey261987
    Thank you for tagging her lol am just trying to help cause God knows some people will no of a good program and never say anything @ambitiousjnyc
  10. by   futureLVN1
    aww thanks yea i been really discourage because i take and fail and just wonder why is god not helping me and why i can't passed this test . I took my test in sept and i just received my ATT letter to be authorize to take it again.. and hopefully i can sit for boards maybe end of dec or beginning of jan i dont want to wait too long
  11. by   Nikey261987
    Ya you should definitely take them I took the 6 weeks but I was a little like you procrastinating I ended paying 1200 instead of 650 my friends hurried and they got the deal lol but no matter what I passed so it is what it is there class get full fast @future lvn1 there is a lot of people on here that took them and pass too well I don't know if they still on here lol
  12. by   Nikey261987
    Email me @futurelvn1
  13. by   ambitiousjnyc
  14. by   ambitiousjnyc
    @ Nikey261987: Preach preaching to the choir! That's the sad part, why hold on to such information, while you see others struggling--I don't get it.

    @futureLVN1: Take @ Nikey261987 advice and run with it, then run back here to tell us you pass and help the next person. You got it, you this close, don't give up!