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    Can someone please tell me if its possible to take an NCLEX exam from a different state where you did not graduate? My friend in NY is graduating this spring and wants to move after graduation to Florida and would like to take the exam there. If so, do you think thats a good idea? I heard that license reciprocity takes 3-6 months and she doesnt want to wait that long.

    Thanks for your help....
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  3. by   USA987
    She needs to contact Florida SBON...they will send her the appropriate info. I am moving to IL after graduation and will take the exam there. They sent me the NCLEX paperwork and the State paperwork. I have to have my school fill out a form saying that I'm eligible for the boards, etc.

    When I transferred my LVN license from NJ to CA it was a pain in the you know what! Not only did I have to pay a lot of money to CA, I had to pay NJ too!!