NY results hold on 2weeks!

  1. I'm so worried .
    I took nclex on november 30th.
    no results yet.
    so I called pearson but they told me just waiting.
    I'm nervous...

    I have seen quite a bit of results held in CA, but it's hard to find anything held in NY.
    Is anyone with such experience?
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  3. by   yahoo13
    i took mine November 20th. am still waiting for my official results too from ny
  4. by   diane129
    OMG...Did the result come out?
  5. by   yahoo13
    no not yet. what about you.any luck?
  6. by   diane129
    I have not had any results yet. It's crazy. I do not know what it is.
  7. by   yahoo13
    I got an email to update my application. maybe that's the hold up. did u check your quick results? how was the exam for you and what number did your exam cut off at?
  8. by   diane129
    You received an email? I did not receive any mail. I even contact Pearson and ncsbn, but they told me just wait. I ended up with 77 questions. How was you?
    And when did you get the email?
  9. by   yahoo13
    I got the email yesterday but only saw this today. I ran out of time and can not remember the exact amount I got if I have to guess it will be around 170 ish to 190 I think. i have to rpint it and send it to them. i know this will take forever to process.
  10. by   diane129
    What I am afraid is that I do not even know why it is held. They just want me to wait. Did you come to update the application after 5 years, or is it related to the test hold? Anyway, thanks to your writing, I will be comforted.
  11. by   yahoo13
    that's crazy that is still on hold. today makes exactly one month since I took mine. if I did instead fail and they are taking this long to send the mail then they are evil. they are making us suffer. i had taken the test before I was told to update it because its been five years. I was not asked to pay any fee thou. we are in this together till we get ur results. this is the longest I have wait for a result usually I get it like three to four days with my failed result. any updates from your end?
  12. by   diane129
    I'm still hold. It's crazy. I think the same. If I wait until this time and fail, I am really angry. Someone on the California side that they had been waiting for four weeks but eventually passed. I wish we had a pass. I'll write it here when I update.
  13. by   yahoo13
    I also wish we have a pass too. is a tortured to wait this long. I will also send an update once I heard from them. I check my mail every day just to see if they mail my letter.
  14. by   Tatiea74
    Both Times I tested for NYS my results were on hold. I thought that was the worst thing to have a person wait so many days just to find out they failed.