Need help to gain confidence to retake NCLEX!!!! HELP!!!!!!

  1. Hello everyone!!! I'm trying to get help from somewhere to gain energy back... is a super loooong story... to make it short, I graduated from Puerto Rico and moved to Florida right after graduation (2007)... the Florida Board made it impossible for me to get my ATT... it took me 2 long years to gather all documents, money (etc) they where asking me for... for nothing!!! I did't qualify because "I did't have enough clinic hrs required by Florida" That was the 1st document they received, they should've told me since the beginning so I did't have to waist my time and $!!! But anyways... I applied at the Connecticut Board... for which I qualify right away! I took the test for the first time (10/2009) basically without studying to see how it was... since at Puerto Rico is very different plus a lot of time have passed... and obviously I fail with 75 questions! Tried a second time (3/2010) and fail again! I ran out of time with 151 questions!!! I know I didn't dedicate enough time plus I was taking to loooooooong on each question… I know I really have to dedicate time to study but I can't find how to gain energy and confidence back! I NEED to pass the NCLEX before January 2012, since I'm pregnant with my first child! Surprise! I know it will be a lot more difficult if I wait until my baby is born… plus I'll need a job anyways! Help!!!!! Can somebody help???! Shame on me!!!! I know is my fault, and I'm the one that have to do it! But I guess I need some inspiration, a push, I don't know… I feel lost!!!! :uhoh21:
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