Need help passing nclex failed x 3 - page 2

:cry: I do not understand why i can not pass this test. my scores were 140,265, 75. The content that the results say i need help in are changed for all 3 test. For example test 1 and 2 i was above... Read More

  1. by   michelle.laree
    I mostly used the Kaplan site and book. I would study about 8 hours a day (sometimes more/sometimes I took a day to myself). I would set up snacks and drinks and just sit at the computer studying. When I reviewed the Kaplan questions, I would think why did I miss this question. If I did not know the information, I put it on my study guide. Although I did not always use the Kaplan decision tree, I think it helped narrow down what the question was asking and posible correct answers.
  2. by   michelle.laree
    I passed the NCLEX with 75 questions. I felt that the beginning of the test gave me "difficult" questions and the end of the test gave me "easier/information style" questions.
  3. by   Lamour
    thanks for the advice i was doing at least 200 questions covering all areas because i was not consistent on the test. i will increase my numbers and focus one content at a time. i will keep u posted thanks. i will schedule my test in july
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