Nclex today - page 3

OMG..I don't know what to think..I took my Nclex at 11:00 this morning ..had 265 questions and sat for 5 hours!! I came home and tried the trick..I get the good pop up...Its still so hard for me to... Read More

  1. by   Bella2917
    Ohhh and your not getting any official results you will just receive your license in the mail a week later.
  2. by   Sha-sha
    Thanks bella! I think i will just pay, coz my brain is fried and i want to just rest and relax... But i cant!
  3. by   Bella2917
    Yes that's what I did....I was still anxious all the way up until I saw after I did the PVT...I celebrated right away!!! Congrats!!! And you deserve all the relaxation now!!