NCLEX Tips - April 2017 - page 2

I graduated in December 2016 from Hawaii and I relaxed and did no studying until the middle of February (so bad, I know). I got my ATT end of January and scheduled my NCLEX for March 30th. My school... Read More

  1. by   raindrops1234
    UWorld is amazing! It is all I used as well! Congrats on passing
  2. by   Mehlahnee
    Haha thats exactly what I did! You can do it! Just understand and go over as much questions as you can. Good luck!!
  3. by   Mehlahnee
    Isn't it?! Haha, thank you so much!
  4. by   teesquared
    i'm taking the NCLEX for the first time in a few weeks! Thanks for the tips! I'm using UWorld now and I love it! The rationales are the best!
  5. by   Mehlahnee
    You'll do great Just trust your gut and your knowledge. Good luck!
  6. by   ella momtaz
    I was taking my Nclex exam yesterday , it was not too difficult but very confusing, not too much select all apply, a lot questions about diseas and precaution , a lot questions about diabetic and Psyc schizophrenia, manic depressive, and a lot priority ... I was running time on 183 , I took 2 times break , what do you think
    ATI was very good , Uworld very easy camper to NCLEX ... I hope I pass
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  7. by   vsheehan
    You are the first person to ay Uworld was easier than NCLEX. What was your experience with UWORLD
  8. by   cdawnben
    What is the PV trick?