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    To study so hard for something and want it so bad ................I would do ANYTHING. I have been studying for my exam for the past couple of weeks and sometime I struggle to keep that focus.......So I decided to put myself out here on this website to ask and read how nurses studied. I also intend to report my progress and hopefully one DAY GIVE MY ON ADVICE ON HOW I PASSED THE NCLEX AND moved on with my life.
    ..............My Opinion for nclex review so far
    For starters if U WANT TO TAKE HURST OR INTERESTED IN IT DO NOT TAKE. IT IS TOTAL B.S Honestly I took it twice a waste of money............they do not teach,pharm, leadership, and delegation...........IT IS A RIP OFF......PLEASE TAKE IT SERIOUSLY THEY CALL IT A FIFTH day WORKSHEET U FILL OUT YOURSELF GRRRRRR.....
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  3. by   its possible
    im sorry for all ure going through but i think hurst review is good maybe u should study other books like saunders and lacharity and also include God in your plans because he alone can determine your success.stay positive and you will pass.goodluck
  4. by   luv2
    I agree with u that is why I always put God first in everything I do..............thank u for those books I really appreciate it However, I disagree with u when it comes to Hurst Review it is a waste of time and money. I took the review class twice and paid extra money to take the online review. My experience with this company is that their online review need to be updated and lack enough information........they fail to answer questions pertaining to the review i.e if something is wrong or changed in a timely manner ........when I went to the the live review class I was told questions slowed the class down. They give u no notes but make u fill in the blanks..........did I fail to mention they go really fast........and still do not cover everything................
  5. by   boisern84
    Thanks for sharing, I would say try to put the information in a format that you can understand. Alot of reviews give out tons of material as a way to help students but they end up drowning in all the information. I am sure you can pass this exam! Don't give up private email me if you want any more suggestions.
  6. by   luv2
    Thank you so much for the support......... I will email u if I need any help .........for now I am going over pharm and making sure I understand it completely and doing review questions pertaining to the topic I reviewed.