1. Well, I took the test on the 24th. Not really sure how I am feeling I did on it. It seemed like I could always narrow it down to the best two but from there it seemed like it was a guessing game. It shut off at 75 so I either did really well or really bad! Anyway, I am moving to Hawaii soon, so I took here in Alaska but had the results sent the Hawaii board of nursing. They are one of the states that takes a long time to get the for the past few days I have been driving myself crazy....pacing like a cat, lurking on here to see how others did, and checking the mail box 7 times a day :uhoh21: Hopefully it doesn't take too long to get the results! Good luck to all the others taking the NCLEX this summer
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  3. by   mercyteapot
    Good luck. You know, if you feel like you were able to get the questions down to 2 answers, I would be surprised if you could have guessed enough of them wrong to have the test shut off at 75. I know its nerve wracking, though. The test is very different today than it was when I took it, back in 19?? longer ago than I choose to acknowledge, lol!