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  1. Hi USRNs and soon-to-be USRNs! So I'm from the Philippines, I graduated last 2014 and took the local boards the same year, took my nclex-rn exam last Feb 17, 2018 and got the quick unofficial result 3 days after. Luckily, I passed with 75questions in 2 hours and 30mins! I highly recommend that you make a study plan and make sure to follow everything on your plan (which I didn't do). I used Kaplan's Self-paced review, Saunders, Lippincott, PDA by LaCharity and watched videos from youtube. Kaplan's Qbank is very much harder than the actual nclex so I suggest you use it as your training ground for answering pratice questions. I wasn't able to finish Saunder's comprehensive review but I did finish Saunder's Q&A and got an average of 75%. As for the Kaplan, I scored around 50-60% on the content review tests and was only able to finish 600 qbank questions, and I thought it was already enough. I even got low scores in Kaplan's QTrainers, which I only answered the week before my exam day. I only scored 58% on my Kaplan's Readiness Test. For the Lippincott I only answered the comprehensive tests, and scored around 60-70%. SATA questions were my weakness. I really thought I wasn't going to pass. I didn't believe in myself enough that I could pass with just 75questions. Good thing I was surrounded by a lot of positive people who were there with me every step of the way. Don't stress yourself too much in studying. Take a break every once in a while but make sure that when it's your study time, focus and internalize every bit of the rationales you read. Most importantly, pray to God and also to St. Jude Thaddeus. You need to be spiritually ready before taking the exam. It was, I think, 40% books and 60% prayers & faith in God that really helped me pass the exam.

    The day before my exam, I still tried answering my QTrainer 7, which I shouldn't have done for it only caused me to panic and thought I forgot everything that I have read the past months. I was losing it. I suggest that before your exam day, RELAX and offer everything to God. Let God know the purity of your heart's intention why you want to pass the exam.

    On your exam day, PRAY. A LOT! I even prayed midway of my exam. Whenever you don't get the question, just relax and pray that you may be able to understand the question and choose the correct answer. Don't panic on your exam. Answer like it's just an ordinary exam you're taking. I got a ton of Prioritization and SATA questions, which I was thankful because I have been told that whenever you get a SATA question it was a sign that you were on the higher level questions. Also, I didn't get drug calculations.

    After the exam, Let go and Let GOD. Good Luck and God bless!!
    Just do your best and God will surely do the rest!

    **The waiting is the real killer! Just trust God's plan.
    The STRUGGLE IS REAL, but definitely worth it!
    Believe in yourself, Believe in God's plan and believe in the people who believes in you. To God be all the Glory!!
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    Congrats to you.
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