NCLEX-RN Exam on July 22

  1. Hey all hope the best for all your studying for NCLEX and congrats to those official RN's . I am scheduled to take my exam on July 22. I completed Kaplan question trainer 7 and scored 57% which is the same score I got on question trainers 5 and 6 :/.Kinda nervous with low scores like this. Do you think I should reschedule? Thanks in advance for your input.
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  3. by   RNTin07
    You will do great!!! Even though during the Kaplan course they want you to score between 60-65% and tell you that it's indicative of passing the NCLEX, it really isn't. I took my test last week and passed. It's a little tricky but the test isn't really designed to test content. More so, it's designed to test how well you think like a nurse, so it's basically test taking. I had 75 questions, 5 SATA, a couple drag and drops, 5 or so meds, 1 drug calculation, & the rest priority patients on who you would see first.

    The questions are similarly structured to Kaplans qbank & question trainers. If you do all, review the rationale, & how you came up with that answer you will be fine.
  4. by   Ellisjc0507
    Thanks for writing christinejoy!! Congrats to you Any suggestions with what to do for staying this week?? I test on Sunday and have finished the Qbank and all question trainer tests and nclex sample tests.
  5. by   Godismystrength
    Ellis, my score on my trainer 7 was 59%, I was disappointed at first , but I made sure I reviewed all rationales. How much of the q bank have you finished? I made sure to do 100% before my test date, and also to do the 3 sample test. Even after I completed my q bank , I did 50 q bank questions with the incorrect ones, just to make sure the rationales stick. Make sure you are review the content that you are getting wrong. Some main things you can look at are things like: Autonomic dysreflexia ICP, dumping syndrome, neuro disorders for ex: (myastia gravis, m.s, bell's palsy and such) . I'm not saying you are absolutely going to see this on your exam, but these were some of the content that most people suggest you really know , and if I remember correctly kaplan had a lot of q bank questions regarding this material.

    Ellis if you know you have worked hard and studied the best you can, you are going to do great. Continue to work hard, since your test day is approaching, you are almost there. I'll definitely keep you in my prayers. Let us know how it went.
  6. by   Ellisjc0507
    Thank you God is my strength. I am about to look over those topics you suggested. At this point I have completed 100% of the Qbank, done all the question trainer tests and sample nclex tests as well. I am reviewing my weaker areas and going to redo the trainer tests. Thank for the words of wisdom and encouragement. I will keep you posted with my results.
  7. by   corneliaabc
    Hi was wondering if any one can sell their PDA book I already bought Kaplan and Hurst. I have exam cram book but can't find my CD to the book. Can someone help?
    I am also going to buy NCSBN for 5 week plan.