1. Hey guys! I took my nclex RN exam on saturday March 10, in New York!
    I havent received my results yet... could this be due to the weekend?
    My computer shut off at 127 questions! I used UWORLD, HURST, and KAPLAN (LOL, I really want to pass the exam on the first try) I am extremely nervous waiting for the results.
    I thought the test was actually hard, I kept getting a mix of hard and easier questions. Does anyone know how I can access the results using the board of nursing instead of the PVT?

    I heard about something like checking if next to my name is active or whatever? Does anyone know more info on how I can do that?
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  3. by   RNsoonNP
    Hi there!! I recently passed my NCLEX last month and felt the exact same way you did! My test also shut off at ~120 questions.

    I took my test Thursday and my "unofficial" results were available Saturday.

    The only "trick" I know of is the Kaplan NCLEX trick where you try to register for the test again (google it if you are curious), but even with that, I wasn't 100% confident of my results until I actually got it!

    Hope this helps, good luck!!
  4. by   ririii
    thank you and congrats!!! I just checked mine and failed
    I was extremely nervous to the point where I thought I was going to have a panic attack
    I just registered to take it again! This time I am going to be more relaxed and calm since I know what to expect and will focus more on practicing priority, delegation questions.
  5. by   RNsoonNP
    You WILL pass!! Yes, definitely find ways to relax the 2 days before going in to take the test (as hard as that sounds). Don't over think the questions

    I used Saunders review book and UWorld, and suggest reading the rationales carefully especially for the priorization questions.

    Good luck my dear!! We are all rooting for you
  6. by   ririii
    Aww thank you, I have done almost the whole UWORLD bank I will be renewing my subscription today. I thought I had almost everything down pact lol guess not. I was not so confident with children questions or delegation/priority. I also did HURST but didnt complete the whole thing so I will continue that as well...

    I just thought it was so freaking hard!!
  7. by   RNsoonNP
    Agreed, I came out of the test with~120 questions and thought I failed, but miraculously passed. I wasn't the best student either compared to my peers, usually scoring below average on the exams.

    I would highly suggest getting a study guide that'll help you organize the topics and highlight the important points to you. Also doing 75 Uworld questions everyday. Keep it simple, don't overstudy-all this information is in your brain somewhere from class. Just gonna keep it organized and relax, you got this!! Please let me know if you have any other questions! Best of luck โค๏ธ
  8. by   ririii
    I did Hurst, Over 100 uworld questions a day I would take 2-3 days off from that however I think I didnt study in an organized matter. On uworld I would mix the questions up not choosing one specific topic for example Fundamentals. I would select all options. This time around I will study using the Lacharity Prioritization Delegation book since I felt there was a # of those questions on my exam. I will also focus more on select all that apply! I will also continue using UWORLD but do questions per topic each day instead of a mix like last time. I also plan on listening to the hurst lectures all over again & do some elevate!! I am so overwhelmed because I have so much to cover, but I am trying to keep a positive mindset!! Gym, I am listening to Law of attraction (it really helped lift my spirits) and I will start restudying in a couple days! Crossing my fingers ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป
  9. by   ambitiousjnyc
    @ririii: you will pass next round
  10. by   Dying2nurse
    That sounds like a pretty solid plan. Did you use ATI ?
  11. by   ririii
    yes I used ATI but hated it