Nclex RN 8/26/13/ Brain Food

  1. This is my second time and I can't wait to get this test over with, I studied my butt off this time, the first time I wasn't studying I was memorizing questions from Kaplan! This time it was all coming together with the help of Kaplan trainers, illustrated study guide, Nclex 4000 and best of all Lacharity. Oh of couse Saunders 5th ed. I can't even get nervous cuz I know what to expect, Oh how I wish I can get the same questions!! Does anyone know of any brain food I can get tomorrow morning?
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  3. by   Texas_goodnurse
    I got some for you

    What to eat on the day of the exam
    Finally, the big day is here. You might be anxious; you might be flipping through your notes memorizing formulas and equations, hoping for a generous streak of luck. But whatever you’re doing the morning of the exam, do not underestimate the importance of a hearty breakfast. Here are some some ideas for pre-exam meals:

    Omelette with whole wheat bread
    An omelette with lots of vegetables is the perfect way to kick start a big day. Pair this with whole grain bread, some fresh fruits and a glass of orange juice. Omelettes are a rich source of protein and will keep you satiated. The complex carbohydrates will also boost your energy levels.

    Oatmeal with berries
    If you aren’t a big fan of eggs, there are other options available to you. Oatmeal with berries and walnuts is a wholesome meal as it combines healthy carbs, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins, all of which stimulate your brain to perform better.

    Thick fruit smoothies
    Some students don’t have the stomach for solid food before a test. If you’re feeling anxiety-ridden, fruit smoothies are easy alternatives. Just add your favorite berries with milk and blend these together for a minute or two. A spoonful of protein powder, if available, will make up for the low protein content in the smoothie.
    Toast with peanut butter is also another stomach soothing option. Calming herbal teas and apple juice can also help reduce stomach distress.

    Good luck

    Wish me luck for mine sept 16

    Keep us posted after the test
  4. by   dianapira
    i'm taking mine tomorrow too! good luck to us both! =D
  5. by   stronger83
    Thanks so much! I think I'm gonna go with the omelette with whole wheat bread. Good luck to both of u!! Pray for me! I will keep u guys posted tomorrow!
  6. by   Texas_goodnurse
    LOL that's my choice too .... Good luck prayers for you both
  7. by   alchemist405
    Wow Im using the exact same study material as you minus the nclex 4000. I retake my nclex on sept 3rd. Best of luck to you tomorrow!
  8. by   Texas_goodnurse
    Stronger83, how was the test today??
  9. by   stronger83
    Hey Texas, I am scared out my mind to do the pvt, I got up to 130 questions and the computer stopped. I had about 26 sata, so many pics, and exhibit, not one delegation, and many many who do u see first, That test had my head spinning, the sata was actually very fair, I was shocked!! The first time I took it I didn't know what the hell I was doing and failed with 75 but this time I actually took time to critically think and figured out answers, hopefully the right answers!! I think I'm going to just pay the $8 for quick results and take the two days to rest my brain and relax.
  10. by   Texas_goodnurse
    Ok, uh I'm excited for you I'm sure you did we'll... Lets do pvt!
    I'm sure you pass!!!
    Good luck
    Please keep me posted
  11. by   stronger83
    I definitely will!
  12. by   kerrynurse
    Congrats nurse I'm glad you passed.