NCLEX RN 265 questions June 2018

  1. I have came to this website looking for answers many times after taking my NCLEX. My background is that I passed NCLEX-LVN on the first try. I did do the PVT trick back then and it was accurate. I graduated from RN nursing school in 2016. I attempted many times and the PVT trick were all very accurate of my failures.
    Finally this last time that I took it in California on a Tuesday was my day, but I didn't think it would be. I got all 265 questions and answered the test questions. I got questions all over: SATA, meds, priority,hotspot. I checked the boards on Thursday. I first actually looked at the LVN board because I remembered reading that it would disappear if you passed the RN boards. My name was still on the LVN boards and I thought I failed.However, I checked the RN boards and there was my name! I was in disbelief! I went in to CA Breeze to make sure this was correct. My License was current for RN and LVN license.
    Previously I did ATI and Hurst review with school. Did Kaplan. Tried Happy NCLEX, Picmonic, Mark K. Bought Lipponcott, Saunders,Lacharity.
    This final time I did a live review at America Healthways Education in Cypress,CA, bought Remar DVD RN review, and did Uworld.
    I was very discouraged after the times I failed, but I knew I just had to keep on trying until I passed. I hope this helped someone because I know I searched this site after my test. Can you pass with 265?
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  3. by   2016srnfcc
    yes i have heard people pass with 265, two of my collegues passes with 265. May i ask, out of all those resources what are your top 3. Thanks and good luck, please keep us posted.
  4. by   nursecat84
    Uworld, Remar Review+her free nclex review youtube videos, and the live review because it made me accountable. If I could have done Mark K live review I would have, but thats on the east coast.