NCLEX results under investigation

  1. Hi everyone,

    so I took my NCLEX on May 16 in Illinois. My quick results are not available yet. Here's a little background story as to what happened to me:

    basically, as soon as I was done with my exam, the worker asked me if she asked for my phone. I said no, but it is in my locker and turned off. She had a concerned look on her face. I said, is this going to be an issue? She said, well, no. And she told the other worker that she forgot to put my phone in the baggy and the other worker was much more reassuring and said that is ok. And I said are you positive? She said yes it is our fault. I even showed her my phone as I took it out of the locker, with it off, and I did not take a break either.

    So I left. 24 hours later on Continental it says I have passed. However, I am well over the 48 hour mark for Pearsons results. I am very frustrated because I called Pearson and they weren't able to tell me much other than my results are under investigation and are on hold. And I have no time frame as to when they'll be ready. I guess I am worried because I am hoping this workers mistake isn't going to jeopardize me. I'm sure they just have to check the cameras, and I know continental already says I passed; I guess I'm just a little nervous.

    I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts!? Or If this has ever happened to anyone? I appreciate it in advanced!
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  3. by   RavenRipley
    That's awful. Don't worry it will be settled. What a **** show. They reported it then. Write a bad review!!
  4. by   r.schieler1
    Yeah I seriously can't believe it. I'm just worried that my pass will be invalidated because of this! I'm assuming they just check the cameras to make sure I was never on my phone. It's just so frustrating! Thank God my results came up on continental otherwise I would be going crazy! But if Pearson invalidates it then it all means nothing so I'm worried
  5. by   nursekay24
    Any updates on your results??
  6. by   r.schieler1
    Hi! Yes I found out AFTER A WEEK that I passed and all was good. It was definitely a nightmare but it all ended up being good
  7. by   nursekay24
    Oh good!! So glad, I was thinking about you a lot since I read your post a few weeks back! So happy for you!! I test this upcoming tuesday!!!
  8. by   r.schieler1
    You're so sweet! Make sure they put your phone in a baggy good luck! You'll do great. Take your time and take needed breaks. I read every question and response three times to make sure I knew what the question was asking. And do not study the day before! Relax and do something you enjoy
  9. by   nursekay24
    Yes not even bringing my phone in!! Thanks for the tips! Very nervous but giving it to God!